Z6, ZN6 Submersible pumps for 6” wells

Z6, ZN6 Submersible pumps for 6” wells

The Z6-ZN6 Series is designed for use in 6” wells. The head and motor support of this lightweight and sturdy pump is cast in stainless steel as are the shaft sleeves ensuring long lasting reliability and efficiency.

The pump has a high sand handling capability which make the Z6-ZN6 series suitable for use in aggressive environments such as water supply from deep wells or irrigation over large areas such as golf courses.

Z6: AISI 304
ZN6: AISI 316

All Z6-ZN6 pumps can be coupled to NEMA standard motors.


Delivery up to 78 m³/h
Head up to 700 m
Power supply three-phase 50 Hz