About Us

About Us


Sudqi Nayef group has been established and founded in 1968 by Sudqi Nayef, SN group is the sole agent for Lowara Pumps, and Franklin Electric Motors, we cater our Pumps to all sectors with attention to residential, commercial, industrial Sector, farms  and new land mark projects as well as the capability to participate in governmental tenders, and turn key projects.

Ever since we have played a major role in the farmer’s industry as we provide a unique submersible pumps that shown its proven track and sustainability over the years we do provide a complete solution and full consultation to all major projects. Over the years we have accumulated a great experience in the pumps industry utilizing the focus strategy that make us well qualified to gain a great market share.


To create and maintain satisfied customers in all sectors and work on their actual needs, by giving them the full scope of consultation and information so they can make a better buying decision.


To lead the market by providing the most reliable, attainable, innovative and reasonable turnkey Pumps Solution in all sectors.


Our main long term investment and core value is our customers; we do believe that we have to provide the best we can to make our customers happy and satisfied, the word of mouth and our honesty in dealing with our clients is the most value added in which we can gain repeated and satisfied customers.